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EKOFINN-POL Ltd was established in 1991 and since then specializes in production, installation and service of small BIOCLERE® waste water treatment plants and equipment for sludge thickening and dewatering: DRAIMAD® - system of popular sackfilters, belt presses MONOBELT® and sludge thickeners SCRUDRAIN®. MONOBELT® and SCRUDRAIN® are made by Teknofanghi, Italy for whose EKOFINN is the sole distributor for Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria and part of Russia.

There are also new products for waste water treatment plants and industry - BIOWENT® and CARBOWENT® - systems designed for odour neutralization and Root's blowers made by ROBUSCHI®, Parma. The BIOCLERE® system has been developed in Finland and is now being manufactured by EKOFINN-POL Ltd and exported to East and West Europe.




EKOFINN-POL products are known for high quality, simplicity and low investment and operational costs. These advantages make the products popular among designers and users.

The reference lists contains about 3000 projects.The products have been granted many awards: Public Award SUPER-EKO at International Environmental Fair POLEKO for system BIOCLERE®, GOLDEN MEDAL at POLEKO for system DRAIMAD®, medal of Industrial Chamber "Wodociągi Polskie" at International Fair WOD-KAN for belt press MONOBELT®, GOLDEN MEDAL at POLEKO for system BIOCLERE® and GRAND PRIX AWARD for the thickener SCRUDRAIN® at the WOD-KAN.