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DEODORIZATION Odour containment

A solution to the problem of odours is a requirement not only because of a legal obligation to respect the maximum permissible  concentrations of harmful gasses, but also because of significant nuisance in the environment.

EKOFINN-POL offers all available deodorization technologies and containment solutions  for a problem  particularly troublesome in the environment. 


Four steps to solve the problem:

1. Determination of odour source, determination of the quantity and composition of gases.

2. Choice of the best deodorization technology.

3. Neutralization of odours.

4. Monitoring and optimization  of the process.




  • Tanks covers (containment)

If an open tank or a channel is the source of odours, the first action is to close it tightly with covers  and introduce effective ventilation. For that purpose EKOFINN-POL offers covers made of GRP in the shape of self-supporting domes or troughs with dimensions matched to the tanks being covered. Our covers have National Technical Approval AT-15-9468/2015 issued by Building Research Institute in Warsaw.


EKOFINN-POL offers the range of classic biofilters BIOWENT® with organic filling and an innovative solution BIOROK®, where a  specially prepared granular form of volcanic material is used as the filling bed. This substantially extends the life of the filter material.  Additionally, in order to achieve 100% effectiveness in removing odours independently of their inlet concentrations, BIOROK® has been equipped with a chemical adsorbent chamber at the air outlet.


The range of CARBOWENT®. Chemical filters utilizes  impregnated active carbon as the filter material allowing a it is  selective chemisorption process of removing, for instance, mercaptans or halogenated compounds, which are difficult to achieve by biofiltration. The life-time of carbon bed and thereby the time for effective odour neutralization, depends on the particular compounds load.


Photocatalytic oxidation in PHOTOWENT® system is a development of adsorption methods. Ozone is produced in the process, which reacts with odour gases on the catalytic carbon bed. In comparison to adsorption method, this process shows significant cost savings in respect of actived carbon changes.


  • Air treatment process monitoring

    Irrespective of the selected air purification method, the user can monitor the efficiency of the process by measuring on-line, gas compounds concentrations such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia,  selected VOC. The remote monitoring system MONITEL® enables current readings of all key process parameters via an internet connection, using any terminal. It is also possible to provide a monitoring service by  EKOFINN-POL specialist technicians.