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Mechanical treatment


Each waste water treatment process is preceded by mechanical treatment, usually as separation of coarse waste (screens, sand traps), grease or suspended solids (flotators) or removal of fine solids (microfiltration: e.g. SCRUFILTER®).

EKOFINN-POL offers a wide range of such equipment designed for various industrial applications as well as municipal wwtp.


Screenings & grit separators type SBP (with a rotating drum screen) and type SSP (with a screen coupled with a conveying screw) are combined units joining successfully the features of screens and grit separators. Screens (rotating drums or ones coupled with conveying screws) are to remove screenings while a following grit separator is to remove mineral solids (sand, grit).
The compact SCRUFILTER® units can be used in many applications of micro-filtration in order to remove fine suspended solids from water down to 20 microns.  
The SP Sand Separator can be used for grit separation directly from wastewater or after sand traps.
The FD range of self cleaning fine screens are an excellent solution to the problem of seperating solids from industrial and municipal process wastewaters.