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Mechanical treatment

Screenings & Grit Separators

The first step in wastewater treatment is usually the mechanical separation of coarse waste important in municipal as well as industrial applications.

In mechanical process there are screenings and mineral solids separated. The ideal solution for small and medium plants is to use modern combined units called Screenings & Grit Separators.
They contain in a common frame screen and horizontal sand traps. They also allow for additional processing of separated screenings as washing and/or compaction and washing of separated sand.
Sometimes they are equipped in grease removal systems.
The offer covers two basic types of Screenings & Grit Separators: with screens coupled with a conveying screw (SSP) and rotating drum screens (SBP).
Screenings & Grit Separators type SSP are already widely used in municipal applications, while type SBP presents some innovation by eliminating most common  operation problems of traditional units.
For flows up to 30 l/s there are Screenings & Grit Separators offered with one sand screw conveyor (SSP/1) and for higher flows, because of bigger dimensions of a grit separation tank, there are units equipped with two screw conveyors (SSP/2, SBP/2).
Every unit can be installed inside or outside a building, as it ca be equipped with thermal insulation and heating if required.